Why do I have really tight upper back muscle’s and back pain?

Question by Aleric: Why do I have really tight upper back muscle’s and back pain?
I am 26 years old and in excellent physical condition, but my upper back, and neck are always really tight in fact….. they often hurt. Chiropractors, and Deep Tissue massage help, but can’t seem to fix it. I have had a few Snowboard and Mountain Bike wrecks (about 5 years ago) in which I have landed on my back…… and I don’t think I ever healed right. My spine and ribs are fine, I think it is just the Tendons, and muscles that just don’t seem to be right. Any advise of treatment would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by caffsans
they may be tense for some unknown reason

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And back Pain

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  1. amydormi says:

    You mention chiropractic, but I wonder if you did a complete plan of care? Some people try two or three visits and quit. That is no more effective than going to the gym two or three times and then saying “nope, I didn’t get in shape, so that doesn’t work.” It takes a while for the body to recondition and keep those muscles, ligaments, and bones in alignment once they are put into place.

    If you did try chiropractic for at least 8 visits, I suspect that you need to do a program of rebabilitative care, with exercises and stretches to recondition the muscles. I would try seeing a physiatrist, which is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. They usually work alongside orthopedic surgeons and are really the best for rehab purposes.

  2. LISA P says:

    I have chronic tendinosis in my shoulders, and my upper back will spasm frequently. My family doctor told me to hold my hands up (like it’s a stick-up), and gently push my shoulder blades together, and hold for about 10 seconds. Then he told me to cross my arms over my chest and bend forward , (like your touching your head to your belly,) and hold in that position for about 10 seconds. He told me to do that several times a day to help stretch the muscles in the back. It helps greatly!, Get a scan of your shoulders to make sure it’s not your rotator cuff causing you trouble.

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